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Founding Story

Face Natür, like the plants I cherish, was started as a seed, an idea seed.  One day I was visiting with my neighbor, we were laughing and talking as friends do.  We got on the topic of how much our skin has changed over our lifetimes. I wondered if there were any skincare products that were created to showcase the restorative, healing and regenerative properties of plants.   As a mother, herbalist, and holistic health practitioner, I know how amazing and uniquely powerful our Earth’s plants are.  

Subsequently, it became my mission to develop a skincare line that would address my many skin concerns such as:  wrinkles, fine lines, breakouts, sun damage, and scarring. I could go on and on. In addition to addressing my myriad of skin issues, I had several other requirements: my formulas must be organic, sustainable, all natural and plant based only. They must also express the healing powers of Mother Nature and her plants, and the botanicals must be kept in their purest forms.  As a result, Face Natür bloomed. 

Using ancient and modern techniques to harness the power of the plants, I formulate nutritional skincare that provides vital nourishment that is instantly acknowledged by the skin for its restorative, repairing, regenerative, and rebalancing powers.  

Our bodies are intelligent and sophisticated. I believe with the vital nourishment provided by Face Natür, you will see for yourself the lasting results and generative powers that Mother Nature gives. 

-Birgit Carlson, Founder

For a Better World Now And In The Future

We value and respect our world.  That is why we use only natural, wildharvested, or organic ingredients. We are also certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free from PETA, as we do not use any animal products and do not participate or condone testing on animals.  In addition, we are Palm Free.  We have formulated our handcrafted soap recipes to specifically exclude the use of palm oils.  

We have made a conscious decision to use product packaging and shipping materials that are made with post recycled materials and are recyclable.  We have chosen to use glass due to its continuous recyclability.  We feel it is our duty and privilege to help provide a better world for the rising generations. 

We at Face Natür believe in gratitude and extending kindness to others.  With your support, we donate our products to women’s crisis and support centers. We also lovingly donate proceeds to charitable organizations around the world.  We acknowledge the intrinsic connection and responsibility we have to one another.

Thank you for sharing your beauty with Face Natür, thus allowing us to joyfully share and give in return.

Our Products

  • Avocado & Nettle Soap

    This beautiful, rich soap is formulated with French green clay to balance, tone, condition and smooth skin.

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  • Vital Botanical Serum

    Beloved by women around the world, Vital Botanical Serum is a powerful corrective facial serum, that radically restores, renews & nourishes.

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