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Our World

Our Commitment To The Environment And Sustainability 

We believe that our beautiful planet is a gift and should be treasured, valued, respected and loved.
Face Natür Practices The 5 R’s of Recycling

Reduce: We have chosen to not use excess cardboard for our packaging and mailing. We have chosen to reduce by not including paper leaflets but have instead designed our packaging to include areas to share information about the key ingredients and their benefits.

Reuse: We have elected to use recycled materials from our containers, to our packaging, even the envelopes we use to mail our products to your door, are made from recycled materials and are reusable.

Refuse: We avoid the use of plastic containers. Instead, we have chosen to use containers made from recycled glass. Did you know that glass can be recycled indefinitely or continuously?

Repurpose: We opted to package our glass containers in beautiful kraft tubes, to not only offer protection to the glass bottles, but to act as storage and even a travel case. Many of our clients reuse and repurpose our glass containers, as well. Also each of our mailing envelopes are reusable.

Recycle: We urge you to recycle. Our glass containers are 100% recyclable, our packaging is recyclable as well as reusable, and our mailing envelopes are recyclable and reusable.

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