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Mother's Day 2020: Why Giving the Gift Of Self Care To Your Mom This Year Will Make Her Happier and Healthier Than Ever.

Mother’s Day 2020 is a unique year.  With all the social distancing initiatives and people in quarantine, we are going to need to be more creative in our gift-giving.  Some moms are experiencing extra stress.  Some might feel lonelier than normal.  Other moms might even be craving some time alone.  Whatever the scenario, all moms everywhere need time for self care. Well, my friends, in today’s post I’ve got just what your mother needs.  An all-natural gift idea without having to break any social distancing rules! 

Why Is Self Care So Important For Mother’s Day 2020?

A lot of extra stressors came wrapped up in the Coronavirus package. Many moms feel this to their core and Mother’s Day shouldn’t be a stressful celebration.  Now, more than ever, do moms and women need to make sure they are setting aside personal time to take care of themselves. states:

  • It’s important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself.
  • It produces positive feelings.
  • It boosts your confidence and self-esteem. 
  • It is necessary to remind yourself and others that you and your needs are important too.
  • It ensures that you stay sharp, motivated, and healthy.

In short, self care is an absolute necessity for maintaining optimal health. It’s critical for improved mood and it reduces anxiety

Moms Are Superheros: Celebrate Them!

When I was eight years old in 3rd grade I wrote an essay about why my mother was the best mom.  I remember giving this some thought.  As a little girl, my mom was my whole world.  She was a superhero in my eyes, always answering my calls for help, entertaining me, teaching me and my three siblings all while working a fulltime job. In my own words, I described this in my essay and I won my mom a free Mother's Day dress.  I remember thinking whenever she wore the dress, “there's my mom in her prize for being the best mom!”  

Now that I am a mother myself, I recognize the sacrifices, the enormous amount of work, and the tremendous love that a mom has for her family.  

I bet you have a similar story or memory of when your mom did something for you that didn’t go unnoticed.  Mothers do so much.  I can see why our moms might seem a little more frazzled this year.  Let’s celebrate and honor them by giving them back a bit of time to take care of themselves.

How You Can Give Your Mom The Gift Of Self Care 

The best gift you can give your mom for Mother’s Day 2020 is a face-steam!  These are a perfect gift!  Your mother can enjoy a day at the “spa”...ahem, I mean the bathroom, and try a soothing, rejuvenating face steam.

  • Face-steams deep clean the skin, removing blockages from sebum, dirt & makeup.
  • The steam imparts vital moisture and nutrients deep into the skin.
  • Face-steams detox the skin resulting in pores that appear smaller and less prominent.
  • lists many other great benefits to face steams including promoting circulation and easing sinus congestion.  


This is the perfect solution to give your mom because:

  1. It will help her relax and rejuvenate.
  2. It helps her and you maintain the social distancing guidelines.
  3. It shows her you love her, care for her, and only want what is best for her.
  4. It’s FREE!
  5. Subscribe below to our email list and we will email your FREE e-book.

All you need to do is gift her this FREE e-book.  It contains 12 of my own face steam recipes.  In addition to that, to show appreciation to mothers everywhere and our Mother Earth, I am offering a 20% sale over at (This sale is automatically applied at checkout).  So take a look and browse the products and choose something she will love she can use with her face steam recipes.  They will be shipped directly to her door. Another win for social distancing!

My wonderful friends, let’s not allow today’s current events to stand in the way of showering our mothers with love this year and acknowledging their sacrifices. Give the gift of self care this Mother’s Day 2020.  Let me know how your mom liked your gifts! And remember to subscribe to our email list for access to more posts that I know will bring you health and healing. And please share!  Happy Mother’s Day!

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